Jan Nyhof

As the owner of Love Your Place, I am ready to put my expertise to work for you.  I have been in this business for over 20 years!

I started my career as a sales associate with a furniture manufacturing company in Mississauga.  There I learned the importance of solid wood construction versus particle board and veneers, and the difference kiln dried wood makes to the longevity of a piece of furniture and how that impacts the price. Handcrafted pieces will feature mortise and tenon joints; joints without glue or staples. I loved working with clients to create custom pieces they could enjoy for a lifetime.

When we relocated to Atlanta, Georgia I found myself newly inspired by the detail and rich history of Southern architecture.  I was fortunate to find seasonal work with The Street of Dreams organization.  The Street of Dreams was the collaboration of architects, builders and interior decorators who worked together to create ‘Dream Homes’ and showcase them in a six week home tour in new subdivisions.  Think over the top model homes!  The tours ran every spring and fall from 1998 to 2001.  It was an opportunity to see cutting edge design, technology and decor. Working as a tour host, I found myself wanting to be more involved in the design and decorating side of the process.

So returning to school was the logical next step when we moved back to Georgetown, Ontario.  I enrolled part time at Sheridan College in Oakville and for the next five years I learned residential drafting, rendering, window treatments, colour theory, and visual design.  This technical foundation reinforced what was already instinctive and intuitive for me.  I had to learn the rules in order to know when and how to break them!

While in school, I was able to gain practical experience working for a home decor store in Georgetown. This allowed me to put what I was learning in the classroom to use. And, it was great to be back working with clients! It also exposed me to over 170 suppliers of everything from area rugs to mirrors. If you can dream it, I can find it!

The reason I share this on my website is twofold; first, I am proud of my work and the work I put in.  Secondly, I want you to feel confident that you are working with an experienced professional.  Regardless of the scope of your project or the budget you have for it, I guarantee you will Love Your Place!


The Process


The most important part of the decorating process does not start with a design or concept board.  It starts with listening. Only when all the ideas, concerns and desires of the client have been heard and documented, can the design concept begin.